Stained-glass jewellery by AHZ Design does not represent just another piece of jewellery, but a ability to express your special nature, no matter what style you wear.
Behind this amazing art from AHZ Design stands Andreja, a girl who life is all about passion for art, nature and hand work. She combined her love for fashion and stained-glass in a beautiful jewellery, using only recycled glass. Since she is a woman of contradictions her nature is also reflected in stained-glass jewellery, as it mainly uses black and transparent glass.
How to wear stained-glass jewellery? Every single piece was made specially for you, that is why you can wear it for special occasions or make any normal day just a little bit special, either at work or in school. Its main feature is that you can wear it with any style that you wear already.
Different types of stained-glass jewellery:
Wings: This special shape of wings represents freedom that captured love. Look at it closer and you will see a shape of a heart. You can choose between different colour combinations.
Drop: It represents a clean and innocent drop of water. For someone with a pure heart and a strong mind, this is certainly the right choice. The drop may be tilted to the left or to the right. They can decide with a friend, sister or mother that each one bears one half and so celebrates your relationship.
Diamond: Diamonds are our best friends. This stained glass jewelry is popular mainly due to its strong shape. An excellent piece of jewellery with which you can celebrate your femininity, spirituality and intuition.
Anchor: Are you an adventurous soul? Then this piece of stained-glass jewellery is for you! The necklace will give you strength in difficult situations and it will let you revive your nature.
Compass: A stained glass that tells you what is right and what is not. A piece of jewelry that is suitable for the days when you feel lost. It will guide you to your true passion.
Because stained-glass jewellery is something special, you have to take good care of it too. Store it in a dry place and if you want to keep it nice and sparkly, gently clean it at least once a month with a glass cleaner and a paper towel.
The glass itself is something special and with stained glass jewellery you will certainly stand out, no matter what the chance is.