In addition to the transparent, black and colorful, now a yellow necklace is available. I am sure yellow will boost every outfit you wear.

Why did I add a yellow color?

The yellow color is the color of the sun, light and optimism, the color of strong spirit and reason. The color that stimulates, activates and liberates from fears. Yellow is like a grain field in the middle of summer. In the days when you feel a bit down, the color will help you to raise your mood. Even if the Sun isn’t shining, you can use yellow color and shed some light on a cloudy day.

Why you need the color yellow in your life?

Yellow – it is bold, it is daring, and it is the new statement color you need in your wardrobe. Don’t be afraid to embrace this sunshine color and work yellow in your wardrobe through accessories to give your outfit a touch of the cheerful shade.

Why did I choose the color of the sun for my new necklace?

It is simple! Because warm shades are good if you want to feel happier and they look great with any kind of outfit. The necklace is matt, it is not glossy and has a grainy structure. The look is vintage, but on the other hand, it is modern and different. That’s why the necklace is the perfect choice for enlarging your style, no matter what your style is: It goes great with a classic look or a funky one. The necklace is noticeable, but still modest.


If you want to bring in some more sunshine in your days, you want to be noticed … Then the yellow necklace is the right choice for you.