Do you remember the feeling when you saw a butterfly, or the sight of the person you love? The feeling when you fell in love for the first time and the excitement when you discovered the piece of untainted nature? Wouldn’t you capture these moments and store them forever? I’m having these same emotions, when I see the Idrija lace. I am afraid to touch it, but at the same time crave for her. And I want to store these feelings of love, worship, and respect for this amazing craft, forever.

Sometimes it takes just one moment and your wish comes true, other times it takes a few months of work, struggle and will. Then suddenly an idea is born. So simple, and yet so special, it’s invaluable.

After half a year of working together with Tina Koder, we captured nature, art, and a unique style of handicrafts and delivered them to you in form of unique jewellery, where we combined stained glass and Idrija lace. It is the fruit of our love of art, handicrafts, and everything lovely. In addition, the collection is made of 925 Silver, without containing any nickel, therefore providing it with additional value.

With the collection, we are honoring the Slovenian cultural heritage. Idrija lace got her name after the town of Idrija, where there has been a famous school of lace-making since 1876. Each year they host a festival, dedicated to this craft, which is visited by more and more tourists.

Our collection can be found on the websites and, as well as in the Krakova Street 22 in Ljubljana. However, if you are too individualistic and you can’t find a piece for yourself in our collection you can have your personal order taken from me or Tina Koder and together we can pay tribute to this unique Slovenian art.