Diamonds are girl’s best friends.

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Diamonds are girl’s best friends.

Cca 50 x 100 mm



The glossy shape of a diamond stained-glass jewellry is popular mainly because it is strong, pure and has a bigger meaning to it. You can feel it only if you allow your body to do so. Parallelogram shape of a Diamond is a stretched rhombus. Rhombus is a female symbol and represents vulva. This shape is made for you if you wish to celebrate your femininity, fertility, the uterus of life, intuition, spirituality, htonic forces, doors to the underworld and initiation passage. Why would you hide your true nature if you can proudly wear it around your neck? A rhombus is also the Earth and its four sides: above, below, right and left or north, south, east and west.

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Clear, Black, Clear black, Frozen flower, Clear mirror, Black mirror, Multicolor, Yellow


Silver, Copper, Black


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