Let’s fly on wings of imagination.

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Let’s fly on wings of imagination.

Cca. 100 x 100 mm


Its special shape of wings represents freedom – innocent, pure and geometrical with a really special reason: love! If you look closely you can also see an innocent, pure and geometrical shape of a heart. Wings also represent ease, spirituality, the possibility of flying, imagination, liberty and victory; all of this can be connected to creativity, energy flow and the achievement of desires of the heart. This shape is most often the preferred one among girls because of many reasons: the pendant represents two different images, simplicity, symmetry and it gives you that special feeling about the product and yourself. You also have the widest range of possible “colours” and it can be your most useful piece of jewellry if you choose the one with the mirror on it.

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Clear, Black, Clear black, Frozen flower, Clear mirror, Black mirror, Multicolor, Yellow, Clear blue


Silver, Copper, Black


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